Customer Experience in a World of Digital Transformation


I have spent my entire career working in customer management for some of the most amazing global brands and businesses. With service operational delivery experience across in-house and outsourced environments supporting multi-site, multi-discipline with international remit encompassing people, process and operational development, set up, restructure and rationalization. 

Having worked in various multinational organizations, I specialize in supporting companies adapt to digital transformation, new technologies and digital marketing trends in conjunction with customer experience.

I also help companies better understand the needs of different generations, to create a Millennial and Gen Z friendly working environment.

My objective is to empower companies to successfully integrate these elements into their strategy, workplace development and culture.


Awarded ServiceMark for delivery of World Class Service to customers from 2015-2018. 

Judge at the UK Complaint Handling awards 2017 and 2018

Member of the Judging Faculty for National Innovation Awards 2017

Business Award Achievement Winner 2007


I have a passion for emerging AI, AR technology to enable business process optimisation and customer service excellence.